I just realized that I had to do this, because one of my friends noted that some of my entries are too revealing. Anyways, it’s really simple; I’m just making a separate page instead of making an entry because I don’t want this to get lost within my blog. At this point, I think this is a moot point because I only have one password-protected entry. But still… If you already read it, then good for you! Or not, I don’t really see the benefit in reading it altogether. I will continuously edit it though. If you just revisited the entry (or if you’re interested in reading it), the clue is in the tags (I deliberately labeled it as a password). I don’t know if you can contact me about it (probably on Twitter), but I’m more than willing to give you additional clues (because my clues are kind of personal and you’d have to know both of us to have an inkling of what I’m talking about). That is all.



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