5 Seemingly Non-Life Altering Lessons Learned During My Semester Abroad

I love this list. I myself want a chance to be able to travel someday (and hopefully settle somewhere for an extended period of time) and so this article speaks to me. Dear future Marj, are you reading this? Please hang on to that dream.

Thought Catalog

It’s the classic stereotype. Students from top-50 universities in the U.S. who take a semester or two overseas don’t do anything worthwhile.

I’ve seen it all over the Internet: 20-year-old white girl studies abroad and suddenly thinks she’s cultured. Clubbing, taking advantage of the under-21 drinking age, and rendezvousing with foreigners are all Americans know how to do in Europe. And then, in four months, we come back loaded with filtered Instagram photos of our fancy cappuccinos in European coffee shops and far too many selfies with famous statues and tell everyone how, quote, “Study abroad was amazing.”

The truth is that a lot of American college students embark on the study abroad journey for no particular reason except that they want to experience living in a different country. To many people, this isn’t a satisfying enough reason.

Well, there is no right or wrong way to “do” study abroad…

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell| Review

I’ve been hanging around bookstores and I’ve seen Rainbow Rowell’s name come up often. I haven’t personally read any of her work, but guessing from the hype her books are getting I would like to assume she’s awesome. This review gave me that extra push to read her works. Now if only I could get around to reading those John Green novels I’ve been putting off…

Painfully In Love

Well, this has been… painful. Though I think it largely applies to unrequited love (ouch), it still touches a nerve. I’d like to believe that instead of pain and pain alone, love is bittersweet. For why else would anyone dream of being involved with it, right?

P.S. I totally blame my friend for this. I saw her tweet the link and after reading through it… gosh, the feelings, they are scattered everywhere. But I still stand by my take, that love IS bittersweet, and should not be painful.

Thought Catalog

When you love someone, it is not always going to be smiles and kisses and sunshine. That is the Hollywood bullshit that has been fed to us from the moment we were first placed in front of a Disney film. Real love is messy and painful and hauntingly beautiful. There were times I have been in love and felt elated, and there have been times where I realized I was in love far too late to rectify the faltering I had committed.

This is what I know about the painful kind of love,

When you’re in love you will feel out of your mind because after trying to be logical for so long, you’ll realize that you cannot rationalize this one feeling.

You’ll want to be a better person for them, and you’ll replay every mistake and over-think every flaw you have because you’re clawing at anything that will make…

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Jumbo Dumbo Thoughts

Jumbo Dumbo Thoughts

Relativity and subjectivity. These are things that would differ from person to person, depending on how an individual was brought up or what kind of influences surrounds him or her. Opinions vary, with consideration from whose perspective the speaker is coming from. However, a guy tries to rationalize abstract concepts and societal issues with charts and data, creating something fascinating and beautiful in attempted black and white.

The data blog, as the blogger calls it, tackles a range of topics from scalping and the laws of demand and supply to Yolanda’s foreign aid flow. To be honest, the former entry was what enticed me to delve more into his blog. I love how he is able to organize his insights into one coherent thought, with concrete evidences from self-made infographics based from reliable sources. I don’t personally know the guy, but he’s pretty popular for his brilliance and so I’m a little familiar with him. The last I heard from him, he represented our university along with three other Accountancy students (well, him and another student were double degree holders) in a competition (forgot whether it’s a business case or Olympiad-type) and won the whole thing; they are set to compete again abroad sometime next year. He has a lot of other credentials that I’ve only ever heard of because of my friends, but the point is: the dude is a genius. If you’re not convinced, then check out his blog. I’m sure there’s an entry (or two) out there that’ll appeal to you and amuse you immensely, as it did to me.


Itbeen a while since I posted anything, and my justification doesn’t even make sense, but that’s how I see things and that’s that. Really, there’s been a lot that happened over the past two to three months; namely:


  1. Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour (first concert I’ve been ever!)
  2. Graduation (now I’m just an unemployed, dependent bum)
  3. Job hunting (accompanied by rejections)
  4. Quality bonding time/ catch-up sessions with friends
  5. Teeth correction (There’s a shitload of work being done to my teeth right now)
  6. Trip to Lucena

Well anyway, I truly enjoyed my downtime (I’ve been idle since September), wasting days away in front of my trusty laptop, but living the bum life can sometimes get too tiring not to mention mentally degenerative. I am so relaxed right now, to the point that I’m craving for something to do. Right now I’m waiting for a final interview callback which I’m hoping I actually get, since this is the most appealing opportunity to me. I want to land this job so badly.

The reason why I haven’t been writing even though I have all the time in the world to do so is because of the lack of inspiration. I brought up to a friend of mine I’ve met recently that nowadays, there are only two interesting things about my life: my job search and my teeth. Really, I couldn’t contribute much stories or anecdotes whenever I meet up with my friends ’cause I’m holed up in my room most of the time.  Usually I write whenever an event happens, or when an idea strikes me which most of the time happens while I am out of the house, observing things. Since I am now only limited to occasional trips outside our house for gimmicks or job application compared to my previous routinary commute back and forth between my school and house, the opportunity for me to observe has also lessened. At least that’s how I see things.

I think it’s important to mention what prompted me to write an entry. Earlier today, I received a post card from a friend now staying at Czech Rep, specifically Brno. It was written three weeks ago and miles from here, but I’m glad he wrote me something nonetheless. my cousin initially mistook it as a flyer, but luckily she read my name and the message. I asked her if it came along with a parcel of some sort because there was a post script saying that I consider it as my pasalubong. He’s a fellow blogger, but I don’t think he posted anything yet of his escapades over there. I’m fond of my old block mate, classmate, thesis group mate  and graduation seatmate even if he can get a little too much narcissistic around me. Okay I miss him, it’s been a month since our last contact and he made my day by cracking me up with the post card. So there. I dedicate this suckish post to him.

In a few days, I’d probably do a recap of some of the things I’ve listed except for the concert; honestly, a lot of people already covered it and there’s nothing left to say other than I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. And that her set list rocks.

Do You Know What It Means To Be An Introvert?

I relate to this so, so much. It’s not that I don’t like people; sometimes I just need a break from all the social activities (even though I have interactions with different people) because socializing seriously tires me out. I still love my friends and family, though. I just am not able to give myself fully without ‘me-time’ breaks.

Thought Catalog

As someone who works with people all the time, you’d think I’d be an extrovert. I’m friendly. I’m not shy. But when I get close to my “people time” limit, it’s time to shut down, be quiet and hole up with a good book. I love helping people, but there’s a huge reason that I balance that type of work with work where I get to be quiet and dive in to working with words instead of being bombarded with interaction.

It’s because—although I don’t fall into some of the old stereotypes—I’m an introvert.

I spent years feeling guilty if I wanted to spend time alone instead of doing things with friends. I learned to make the best of it, and often pushed myself to be social—even when it felt exhausting. Many people do this, as extroversion tends to be prized in our society, while introversion is seen as a…

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