I was at a Globe store. I remember waiting for the line built up in front of the mall entrance to dissipate, so I could watch a movie. It is 10 am on Christmas day, and I was mulling over between watching Beauty and the Bestie or All you need is Pag-Ibig. Hmmm.. Tough choice.

And then I spot him.

He’s standing just aways from me with his backpack slung over his shoulders. Nothing special caught my eye; he was an average guy, and as I type away my image of him is fading. But what stuck with me are those friendy eyes. I think I was sitting at my haunches by that time and the next thing I knew, he struck a conversation with me. We talked about what we were doing in the vicinity that early, and realized we were both after watching a movie. He offered getting a ticket for me since one of his friends at the time was already queuing for the moviehouse. He then left to advise his friend, and asked for me to wait for him. I thanked him and asked, “Why are you doing this for me?”. Came the reply, “I can’t help but notice you from across the room”.

(Afterwards I wondered why didn’t he just use his phone to contact his friend. But I digress.)

Then the randomest thing happened. Cecille, one of my elementary classmates that I never really felt much kinship with, bounced towards the store I’m in talking loudly. I approached her and tried to greet her by kissing cheeks but she was distracted by her friend, who followed in after.

Then the guy I spoke to earlier arrived with one guy and girl in tow. He introduced me to his friends, and I vaguely remember the girl’s nickname being very masculine and cool. At some point we pick up a toy, a grey thing thay could’ve passed as a scybard and there’s flipping through numerous costumes, weird skirts and all. Or maybe an apron. Anyway, the last thing I remember was staring upwards from my bunkbed and tracing the designs in my new toy. I also remember a promise of a new date, the reason why I was smiling like an idiot. Oddly enough, the lighting from the last scene matches the one I woke up to.


Love And The Theory Of Multiple Universes

I’d rather live never being yours than not knowing you at all.

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The Time Traveler's WifeThe Time Traveler’s Wife

Exactly three years and eight days ago to the date, Gaby Dunn wrote an excellent essay called, “Maybe In Another Universe, I Deserve You.” Through it, I got to know of William James, an American physician, philosopher, and psychologist who came up with the term, “multiverse” to characterize the hypothesis that there exists multiple universes. And in this multiverse, every outcome is possible across the finite or infinite number of universes that exist entirely. The so-called “alternative” universes or “parallel” universes we often refer to in our colloquial conversations.

While the idea of a multiverse has been considered in many disciplines, from astronomy to theology, the physics community of which many deem is most knowledgeable on such matters, disputes whether this idea is even worthy of scientific discussion. I love science. But I am not a physicist. And today, I take off my…

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell| Review

I’ve been hanging around bookstores and I’ve seen Rainbow Rowell’s name come up often. I haven’t personally read any of her work, but guessing from the hype her books are getting I would like to assume she’s awesome. This review gave me that extra push to read her works. Now if only I could get around to reading those John Green novels I’ve been putting off…

Do You Know What It Means To Be An Introvert?

I relate to this so, so much. It’s not that I don’t like people; sometimes I just need a break from all the social activities (even though I have interactions with different people) because socializing seriously tires me out. I still love my friends and family, though. I just am not able to give myself fully without ‘me-time’ breaks.

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As someone who works with people all the time, you’d think I’d be an extrovert. I’m friendly. I’m not shy. But when I get close to my “people time” limit, it’s time to shut down, be quiet and hole up with a good book. I love helping people, but there’s a huge reason that I balance that type of work with work where I get to be quiet and dive in to working with words instead of being bombarded with interaction.

It’s because—although I don’t fall into some of the old stereotypes—I’m an introvert.

I spent years feeling guilty if I wanted to spend time alone instead of doing things with friends. I learned to make the best of it, and often pushed myself to be social—even when it felt exhausting. Many people do this, as extroversion tends to be prized in our society, while introversion is seen as a…

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35 Movies That Instantly Make Your Day Better

Disagreed with some of the choices here, but what the hell. Will be going through this list when September comes. To quote my friend:
“YEEAAAAAAAAAAH!” (with matching jerky dance move)

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1. High Fidelity

For me, any path to cinematic healing begins with Cameron Crowe. Unless you’re watching Elizabethtown, there’s almost no way to go wrong. I suggest you start with Almost Famous, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Singles or High Fidelity, the best movie he never made . If you watch this movie and don’t want to go out and be a better person, then I think your heart may have died.

2. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Whether it’s Mean Girls, Clueless or Heathers, movies about high school always make you feel better about your own high school experience, because at least your boyfriend wasn’t poisoning all your friends. Romy and Michele is even better, because it’s about looking back and realizing you weren’t cool but you’re still awesome. It’s about having fun by doing your own thing.

3 – 4. Anchorman/Zoolander

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51 Books You Should Read Before The Summer Is Over

Oh gosh. My already over-the-top reading list just got extended by a ton. It’s comforting to know that I’ll never run out of things to read when September comes.

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Now that it’s August, we’ve reached the inevitable dog days of summer and that four-week decline before school and college starts and our regularly scheduled lives begin again. Whether you’re an undergrad or a 9 to 5er, the next month is do or die when it comes to your summer reading list — the last time to get caught up on the books you’ve been putting off (because your relationship with Netflix is very demanding).

Here’s 51 books you should cross off that reading list before the Summer ends and why you should read them. You won’t get to every single one, but surely you can fit in a couple. Orange is the New Black can’t take up that much of your time, can it? And if not, there’s always your Fall Reading List. That’s a thing, right?

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynngone-girl-book-cover

Because you want to have an…

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