Postcards from Marcus Flutie

Postcards from Marcus Flutie

I made this for an informal contest given in a writer’s community, and I’m glad it turned out fine. Though I hope the judges would make sense of what I wrote as explanation. And so I extend here what I failed to contain within 150 words (or less, as the rules stipulated).

Note: The crossed-out words were  not included in the original entry.

I love this quote not because of its message, but because of its implication. I got it from a fictional book wherein the protagonist receives seven different postcards at irregular intervals from her lover, each one containing a single word. What’s fascinating is the way the character interpreted the message at the arrival of each postcard. This is a sample of how every line can be interpreted, not necessarily staying faithful to the book. Prepare for loads of bullshittery.

I. Everything starts with the self. We can never really be of service to others without prioritizing ourselves first, for how can we help piece other people up if we ourselves are incomplete – or worse, broken?
I wish. We, as humans, always wish for something. There is something about wanting more though needing less. We can never get satisfied; satisfaction is only an illusion, pegged as a goal in the marathon that is life. But we ultimately succumb to more wishes, more wants, that we never actually reach the finish line.
I wish our. The self thinking of a group. A me hoping for an us. A mere existence of a bond between two persons, or maybe more. 
I wish our love. A bond encompassing expectations. So there was love involved, huh? Is there anything more to want out of love? Shouldn’t it be pure in itself, that one would not ask for more? Or is that concept only mislead?
I wish our love was. Oh. So we have loved and been loved in the past. There is no present, nor future. Maybe that’s the reason why there’s an interest in wishing for more; making the present into past and rewriting the future to suit our needs. The love between the us identified, why did it not persist?
I wish our love was right. Love is always right. Feeling a deep emotional attachment is healthy, and also conjures positive feelings. It’s the people and the circumstances who tarnished this love, making it not right. But then again maybe sometime in the unidentified future, love blooms anew. There are more chances available, more possibilities, more wishful thinking. 
I wish our love was right now. No dwelling in the past, no forecasting in the future. Just live in the now. But then again, maybe the timing was off. If it had been now, maybe it could have developed into something more precious to “us”. Maybe. A infinite number of unexplored possibilities. 

It serves as an interesting example of how we take things into context with what is readily available to us, even though we know deep down that there’s more to come. Also, the word play obtained from these seven words are limitless, almost as if we can decide for ourselves what they would result to even though they would ultimately lead up to the same thing.


Wallpaper challenge: Ice

Wallpaper challenge: Ice

And because I’d like to pepper my blog with images… :)) this looks like a bad case of self promotion, but really this is just internet-deprived-for-a-few-hours-hence-the-productivity me. And also because I promised her I’d make one ages ago; the timing just went by flawlessly.

Because I’ve always loved this line since high school…


– Marcus Flutie, Sloppy Firsts

Note: Earlier on one of my friends asked me to make a wallpaper for her. We settled (or rather, it ended up that way) with a black one containing her most used quote (so I pegged this as her most unconsciously favored one) from her favorite show. It was a little heartbreaking, so I added a line that she mentioned before which made everything look like a joke (eventually it became part of our inside joke collection). Even still, it was a little stark. It so happened that she stumbled upon this image, and she asked me to make a wallpaper-friendly version (which I did, as a good friend). The first wallpaper I did took me a week to finish – mainly because I don’t know what to do with it, plus my desire to experiment with Photoshop so I studied other techniques. This image took me less than 30 minutes to make, and I was just messing with stuff at the time. Lesson learned: I should just let creativity flow naturally, as it yields better results.