Push and pull; internal struggle
Tracing faults, no openings
Finding ways of escape
Only to end up bubbling.

A wordless lull forms –
Pressure builds up!
Without release;
without reprieve.

It’s just a matter of time
Before the inevitable volatility
Suddenly something snaps, and then breaks
Destruction in its wake

And then… everything stops.
The perished are cocooned,
Protected by an impenetrable wall;
But deceased nonetheless.

Well, this turned out to be more morbid than I intended it to be. But I hope it’s intelligible, at the very least 😀

Note: I originally wrote this stanza as the first one for the poem, but then realized its irrelevance. But just so you could have a context on why I wrote the poem in the first place…

All these suppresed feelings
Keep building up inside
Thoughts of you and me keep lingering
No matter how futile


Wallpaper challenge: Ice

Wallpaper challenge: Ice

And because I’d like to pepper my blog with images… :)) this looks like a bad case of self promotion, but really this is just internet-deprived-for-a-few-hours-hence-the-productivity me. And also because I promised her I’d make one ages ago; the timing just went by flawlessly.

Because I’ve always loved this line since high school…


– Marcus Flutie, Sloppy Firsts

Note: Earlier on one of my friends asked me to make a wallpaper for her. We settled (or rather, it ended up that way) with a black one containing her most used quote (so I pegged this as her most unconsciously favored one) from her favorite show. It was a little heartbreaking, so I added a line that she mentioned before which made everything look like a joke (eventually it became part of our inside joke collection). Even still, it was a little stark. It so happened that she stumbled upon this image, and she asked me to make a wallpaper-friendly version (which I did, as a good friend). The first wallpaper I did took me a week to finish – mainly because I don’t know what to do with it, plus my desire to experiment with Photoshop so I studied other techniques. This image took me less than 30 minutes to make, and I was just messing with stuff at the time. Lesson learned: I should just let creativity flow naturally, as it yields better results.