This is a personal experiment of whether I can maintain a blog or not on a daily basis. There will always be lazy days, but I’m challenging myself to be able to produce entries based on my opinion about certain stuff, my innermost thoughts, and interesting things that happen to me. I’ll probably mention important people in my life along the way, but I don’t think I can convey verbatim conversations so I’ll always be talking in general (or specifically – whatever works). Also, if you’re reading this, don’t expect highfalutin words because I wouldn’t be able to deliver. I noticed in some blogs I’ve visited that the writers usually include unfamiliar words. Or maybe I’m the one with the problem, with a limited English vocabulary. Anyway, to conclude this before I ramble some more, happy reading! 😀

So I’ve had this blog for three months now, and I realize I failed in delivering the premise for this blog. I said I’d be committing myself to writing something new every day – which is utter BS because I wasn’t even able to maintain it for a month. A MONTH, I tell you. So I’m changing tactics. I’ll just write whenever I want (which I know doesn’t differentiate my blog from ordinary ones) but I’ll still keep up the reviews and ramblings. And as for highfalutin words… I also realized that my definition of “highfalutin” could be potentially different for those who browse through the entries.


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