Song of the day. Not sure how this came about, but I’m not fighting it. Was introduced to this beat by Aira a few months ago, but I’m catching the bug just now. Eh. I’m latching onto you~


It’s been a long while

…since I last wrote an entry. To be honest, with my line of work I’ve had all the time in the world to update my blog; I’ve just been lazy for the past year. Even my book reading took a back seat. Right now I’m just hoarding books with promising reviews and plots based from years of book-hunting – I could not just pass up an opportunity for a bargain read. I am caught up in watching Korean dramas and reading fanfiction to really deal with that. Also I’m trying to be socially active by going out as much as I can (and want to). Go figure.

I remember the last few entries of mine, I was contemplating what to write about. To be honest, in between the time span I was MIA a lot of things happened, but just to reiterate this writer is too lazy for recaps. There is still a shitload of work to be done on my teeth, I still don’t have a boyfriend, but on the bright side I HAVE WORK NOW. Money and time management I haven’t mastered yet, but at least I have work to occupy myself with.

I’ve also moved out of our house. Temporarily. Well, not sure how to I should call it since I go back every chance I get, but I spend most of the time now at work or at my rented condo (with 12 other girls haha). Sure, bedspacing is not the most ideal living arrangement, but when it takes me three hours allowance to shuttle from home to work (and vice versa), living with a random bunch of girls 5 minutes away from work is not such a bad idea. I also get along with them, so everything’s cool.

As for work… granted, it’s not my dream job. Heck, I never pictured myself being in this line of work before. But I’m doing well, if I may say so. I may slip and blunder my way through some things, but I’m keeping myself afloat so everything is dandy. My workmates are also cool (some are annoying, but I’ve accepted that long ago). I’ve been regularized (YAYY!!) a few weeks back, so that’s a relief. There’s this particular position I wanted to apply to, but I’ve been shot down even before I had a chance to try, so.. better luck next time to me.

I also have a crush now. He’s a gym attendant (I know, how shallow of me) but honest, I am not attracted to him because of his body. I think his physique actually deterred his appeal to most of the girls (and gays) in my department. The first time I saw him, I dropped by his work area ’cause I was looking for their manager. By that point I made up my mind that their sub-department are made up of hipon (shrimps – good body, useless head), but my head spun when I saw him. He was just too darn cute, with his glasses and all. Mind you, his body really is distracting – like that of a bouncer, or a retired pro-body builder (but he’s relatively young, whatever). The next time we met, we were introduced over dinner by a good work-friend. Eventually I’ve come to eat with him when I can, trying to be subtle but at some point got busted by one of the bosses who love to tease. I did not deny my attraction – I didn’t feel the need to – but now I’m subjected to endless banter about it. I’m embarrassed and at the same time sort of happy for the support, but I can tell he’s not interested. Or is it just me reading too much into the situation? I’ve heard from one of my colleagues that he is already taken. Hmmm… In any case, I’m willing the attraction to die a natural death, so irregardless of his status I’m enjoying the fuzzy feeling crushing on someone brings.

And… that’s that. Phew. After taking a hiatus from writing, I can’t believe this amount of thought came spewing from my fingertips. I need to talk more to people.