Painfully In Love

Well, this has been… painful. Though I think it largely applies to unrequited love (ouch), it still touches a nerve. I’d like to believe that instead of pain and pain alone, love is bittersweet. For why else would anyone dream of being involved with it, right?

P.S. I totally blame my friend for this. I saw her tweet the link and after reading through it… gosh, the feelings, they are scattered everywhere. But I still stand by my take, that love IS bittersweet, and should not be painful.

Thought Catalog

When you love someone, it is not always going to be smiles and kisses and sunshine. That is the Hollywood bullshit that has been fed to us from the moment we were first placed in front of a Disney film. Real love is messy and painful and hauntingly beautiful. There were times I have been in love and felt elated, and there have been times where I realized I was in love far too late to rectify the faltering I had committed.

This is what I know about the painful kind of love,

When you’re in love you will feel out of your mind because after trying to be logical for so long, you’ll realize that you cannot rationalize this one feeling.

You’ll want to be a better person for them, and you’ll replay every mistake and over-think every flaw you have because you’re clawing at anything that will make…

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