Jumbo Dumbo Thoughts

Jumbo Dumbo Thoughts

Relativity and subjectivity. These are things that would differ from person to person, depending on how an individual was brought up or what kind of influences surrounds him or her. Opinions vary, with consideration from whose perspective the speaker is coming from. However, a guy tries to rationalize abstract concepts and societal issues with charts and data, creating something fascinating and beautiful in attempted black and white.

The data blog, as the blogger calls it, tackles a range of topics from scalping and the laws of demand and supply to Yolanda’s foreign aid flow. To be honest, the former entry was what enticed me to delve more into his blog. I love how he is able to organize his insights into one coherent thought, with concrete evidences from self-made infographics based from reliable sources. I don’t personally know the guy, but he’s pretty popular for his brilliance and so I’m a little familiar with him. The last I heard from him, he represented our university along with three other Accountancy students (well, him and another student were double degree holders) in a competition (forgot whether it’s a business case or Olympiad-type) and won the whole thing; they are set to compete again abroad sometime next year. He has a lot of other credentials that I’ve only ever heard of because of my friends, but the point is: the dude is a genius. If you’re not convinced, then check out his blog. I’m sure there’s an entry (or two) out there that’ll appeal to you and amuse you immensely, as it did to me.


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