Wow. I’ve been a crappy blogger lately… but I can defend myself! The past month has not been kind to me at all, and for various reasons; after all, it’s my last term in college.

Let’s list it down, shall we?

  1. Academic Service. I wrote this on the top of my list, mainly because it’s way overdue. I incurred a minor offense (with a second warning) last year for four cases of left ID. This sounds so ridiculous that when I told my friends, they just laughed at my face before they sympathized with me. There are other processes related to this, but bottom line is I need to have a letter from my parents saying that they know about it as well as render eight (8) hours worth of academic service. This means that I need to work for the department I belong to (but really it’s just a nicer way of saying I’m at their mercy) for eight hours. What scared me more was the inform-you-parents part of the deal. I have this constant fear of disappointing my parents, and so I delayed having that conversation until the last minute, which was basically six months after I first filed for the offense and a week after the application to graduate’s deadline lapsed. I was barred from accessing the facility, so I had no choice but to finish it as quickly as possible. As it turns out, all my worries are for nothing: my parents were expressionless when I told them about it nonchalantly (I had to pass it off as if it wasn’t a big deal but it really was – for me) and my mom just signed the letter I presented to her without asking questions. I took the non-responsiveness regarding the matter as a good sign at least I wasn’t scolded or anything. My problem was compounded because there was a week-long (well, almost) suspension of classes somewhere thrown in August because of typhoon Maring; before this suspension, I already accomplished four hours’ worth of work – so I was left with another four. This delayed me in finally settling this issue. I almost missed my deadlines, but fortunately I pulled through. This occupied a good two weeks of my August (of course, among other things).
  2. Application to Graduate. Which our registrar conveniently shortened to ATG. Because of the implications my minor offense (and delaying tactics) caused, I had to manually apply for it. This entailed trips to the vice dean’s office and registrar’s office (renamed enrollment services hub for some reason *squints*). I was alarmed because after several processes (some of which were done at cutthroat deadliest deadline)

P.S. This should’ve been posted before my previous post, but I finished that one earlier and so… :)) (sorry for being disorganized)


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