Ballsy Grateful of Napoles, Which in Turn Thanked Chito Miranda for Series of Events

Funny shit. I didn’t know about the Ballsy – railway issue, though. For the last one… :))

So, What's News?

MANILA, Philippines — After a string of revelations over the past few weeks, persons involved thanked one after the other for taking the limelight away from them.

It started with a tweet from Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Mar Roxas to presidential sister Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, thanking her for providing the public with a new topic, after his investigation regarding the Serendra blast suddenly went quiet.

Mar Tweet BallsyBallsy Aquino-Cruz and her husband was linked to an extortion try on a Czech company to get a railway contract. But even before they became the new whipping boy of the media, another scandal broke; this time about Janet Lim-Napoles making money out of the Presidential Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) through kickbacks and bogus Non-government Organizations (NGOs).

Being the kind person that she is, Ballsy also sent a tweet to Janet Lim-Napoles the other week, just before heading out to do some household…

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