51 Books You Should Read Before The Summer Is Over

Oh gosh. My already over-the-top reading list just got extended by a ton. It’s comforting to know that I’ll never run out of things to read when September comes.

Thought Catalog

Now that it’s August, we’ve reached the inevitable dog days of summer and that four-week decline before school and college starts and our regularly scheduled lives begin again. Whether you’re an undergrad or a 9 to 5er, the next month is do or die when it comes to your summer reading list — the last time to get caught up on the books you’ve been putting off (because your relationship with Netflix is very demanding).

Here’s 51 books you should cross off that reading list before the Summer ends and why you should read them. You won’t get to every single one, but surely you can fit in a couple. Orange is the New Black can’t take up that much of your time, can it? And if not, there’s always your Fall Reading List. That’s a thing, right?

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynngone-girl-book-cover

Because you want to have an…

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