As I write this, I’m doing the deed. It feels liberating, as if I’m removed from my responsibilities, even though I know they will haunt me in a while. But for this short amount of time, I am free…

Yes, I’m talking about cutting. No, I’m not talking about it literally; rather, cutting classes (why, what were you thinking of while reading the first passage huh?). When I was in grade school, I was a typical average-tinkering-on-the-model student, academics wise. Same thing with high school, but then again I had lower standards then on what “model” meant. Now, in college, I still get pretty decent grades (at least, most of the time). It’s just that… well, I wouldn’t consider myself as a full blown truant, but I break bend the rules for my convenience. Today’s one of them.

It’s not as bad-ass as it sounds, though. Actually, no, it doesn’t sound bad-ass at all. I don’t necessarily want to justify it, but then again.. I’ve heard worse.


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