True Love – Pink

I’ve been neglecting my blog for too long. And so I come back.. WITH A BANG! Or so I think…

This is a recording (YES!! THAT’S MY VOICE RIGHT THERE! AND ME PLAYING WITH CRAPPY GUITAR SKILLS!) dedicated to one of the fanfiction writers I follow on LiveJournal. One of the qualifications she listed before adding someone is to prove why certain someone deserves to be added. I told her I’ll serenade her. And though she deemed it unnecessary, I still want to do something to egg her on with her writing. This includes not only her, but the legion of fanfiction writers in that fandom (yes, it’s K-POP related, not gonna elaborate much because I know people aren’t really interested).

This is also my first ever recording, so please don’t bash or something. Just.. spread the love. Also I love this song {and the album where it came from [actually the whole discography (I just love Pink okay)]} and all its dysfunctional glory.


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