I’d Rather Have A Crush On You Forever

Well damn. am I a coward for actually admitting this as my truth?

Thought Catalog

Hey, you. Here’s the deal. I kinda like you, like a little itty bit. You don’t know about it yet, and you probably never will, because I have no intention of spilling my proverbial guts and letting you know the things I think about you in my head. Ever. See, for a while now I’ve been crushing on you, and I’ve realized that in general I actually much prefer the dreamy crushing part to the stark reality of instigating/dating/relating/breaking up that will inevitably result if by some miracle of nature you reciprocate my tender yearnings. And let’s not even go into what will happen if you rebuff me with cavalier impunity, or even worse — let me down gently (ugh!).

To get paradoxical about it, until I let you know how I feel, our hypothetical relationship can be seen as either dead or alive or both, much like Schrödinger’s cat…

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