I’ve been meaning to post new entries, but lately I’ve been lazy preoccupied with fangirling other things so I was unable to do so. There’s actually been a lot of internal drama going on with me, and I say internal because most of these things are just things that are wrong with me. Like, for example, me acting all prissy because I had a misunderstanding with a certain someone, I fell out touch with a friend, and I’m acting all passive-aggressive with my responsibilities. And then there’s fangirl me who has been unhealthily obsessed since two three four months ago and now is unable to stop herself from such ridiculousness. Yes, I say ridiculousness – because even the obsessed girl thinks that becoming a fan for a boy band she couldn’t even sing the songs to because she doesn’t speak their language for fuck’s sake is stupid. But still aforementioned girl is, unfortunately, fangirling like crazy. And then there’s the issue of her laptop not getting enough rest and only depending on sleeps and hibernates

One of these days I’m gonna be royally screwed, and I won’t like it. Provided I’m not screwed yet.

P.S. I won’t even bother rewriting and thinking this through again because there’s a lot of pent up things inside my head.

P.P.S. I deleted my whole drafts folder just now. Even the entries that are about to be finished. Thinking of a fresh start. (And yes I know how BS my guidelines that I’ve set for myself are looking now, considering I haven’t even posted new original material in a month.)


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