“Through your actions, you showed me that if I love myself, I should never ill-treat myself for what I think I want, but strive for what I need. You taught me to love myself because if I don’t, I would be indirectly inviting others to trample over me, again and again.” That got me, especially because I feel exactly like that. Lucky for the writer having a lot of feels though, because he/she/ididntbothertocheckthename found that person who changed his/her mind. *sigh* Especially nowadays when I’m feeling antisocial, I want to find this person. More so that I can stop being a cling-on to my one friend whom I talk to on a daily basis.

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This is a letter I was too afraid to send out, but it comes from the heart. These are the things I would tell him, if we were to meet again.

Dear You,

Hi. I never knew I’d see you again. It has been ages since I last saw you, and frankly I thought that would be the last of it.

Well, apparently not.

The previous time we spoke seemed like ages ago. Memories of being around you are stored in a rusty cabinet, untouched. I can no longer recall your favorite catchphrases, or the way you wear your hair. I can’t remember the way your eyes would dart around the room, or how you were able to make me feel so overwhelmed with emotions.

But I can remember the way you always had that ugly jeans-and-slippers combination on unless I protested, and the way you gave me sad pitying…

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