My journalist-in-the-making friend puts my writing skills to shame. Considering that I haven’t posted anything new in a while, maybe I do deserve to feel that way. Anyway, since I wrote something similar (albeit a LOT more long-winded than this one) I guess I just wanted to share this to you chicas.
In the spirit of an old greek myth, let us find our missing halves! Maybe these missed connections are signs that we are getting closer to finding the ones who’ll complete us.

We all live in a yellow submarine.


I say long overdue because I was supposed to post this on Valentine’s Day. Strike One on timeliness. Anyway, I decided to work on this post now because I am bored and I don’t want to read any of my readings yet. My brain just keeps shutting down for some reason. Things have been too stressful lately and I guess I could use a nice dose of blogging to get my mind off things.

Actually, I am kind of glad that I wasn’t able to write this on Valentine’s Day. If I did, I would gain another reason to be sarcastic about my life which is as enjoyable as gaining weight. If I did, Life would be telling me, “Sparks! Almost ther-LOL nope. Let’s look at all those happy couples to make you even more sorry about your close-enough encounter with The Possible One “.

Just imagine, a “could he…

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