One Year Later – Jessica (SNSD) feat. Onew (SHINee)

Very recently (like, a few hours ago), I’ve been obsessed with YouTube surfing for Onew’s singing clips. When I started my addiction with Kpop, it wasn’t really about their songs; I mean, I couldn’t understand a word, so why bother? This has been my mindset since high school. Rather, I’m more attached to the variety shows that most idols join. But then I tried listening to SHINee songs, and I was intrigued by their leader’s voice. It’s distinct because it’s not the usual boy band voice; his voice sounds like a balladeer’s, but he pulls off pop songs all the same. So I started searching. Anyway, I came across this and thanks to the subs, I appreciated the song fully. I think I fell in love with Onew’s voice more because of this. Lovely singer. Sorry if you’re a Jessica fan, and if you’re reading this, because I couldn’t care much about her parts. But she sings the song well, too (I had to give her credit, even if I’m solely listening to this because of Onew).

The song is about an ex-couple  meeting each other coincidentally after one year of separation. All the painful memories come back, with regrets of how the relationship turned out. At the end, they agree to forget everything and just go back to being strangers. I’ve never been in a relationship so I can’t say I can relate to this, but the song is seriously moving. Add to that that the melody is simply killer. Its charm is in its simplicity; everything feels much richer because the emotions are given the chance to shine. I’m trying to look for the chords, but all in vain. I wish there’s a similar English version for this one, it’s just too good.

I know I’m late by a few years, and this is not new, but still… I’m a recent KPOP convert. So there.

And if you’re here just because you wanted to listen to the song, feel free to do so. Just ignore my (tame) fangirling.


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