So a friend of mine referred me to this article… I already saw this one, but just went pass it, thinking that it’s another mushy tale (and I’ve read enough mushy articles today). But when I read it, I was in awe of the writer. And of the writing style; it’s fresh for me. Then I was emotionally sucker punched; the setting’s different, the events varying, but the concept’s the same. To quote my good friend, “Her life is a lie and I believed the lie she told herself. Oh shame.” But what if it wasn’t? That’s the worst part, isn’t it? Never knowing which one’s lying to you, your ‘significant other’ or yourself. If you are to be honest with yourself, you’ll understand that you’ve been fooling yourself this whole time into thinking that he’s also into you. But what if your assumptions are right, and this other person is just protecting himself against the potential hurt he’ll face? While in the process, hurting you? Ugh. Too many questions. Too many what ifs.


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