Cardboard Love

ImageOne day, as I was browsing through a teen magazine (can’t tell you when because I can’t remember myself, but I’m sure it was when I was still in high school), I saw this site featured in the readers’ bulletin board section as a recommendation. It had a tagline that piqued my curiosity: Love in a Digital World. Because of that, I visited the site and was delighted by the sweet nothings written on the cardboard pieces. The site itself is minimalist; with a simple background and arrow keys for people to browse through the posts. Today i revisited the site for no particular reason, and though the lay-out has changed minimally, the things written on the small pieces of cardboard still brings a smile to my face. There was even a back story as to how the site got started, which made everything sweeter, but I already forgot what it was. Nowadays the site is soliciting money (maybe the maintenance is costly, eh?) less subtly than before, but I’m just glad that the site is still existing. Small parcels of love dedicated to that special significant other that even single people *ehem ehem* will find adorable <3.

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