A Fresh Start for the Nth Time

This is not my first attempt at blogging (or maintaining a journal in general). I have a lot of discarded accounts in different hosts floating somewhere in the web. I remember opening a tumblr account without following anyone (because I wanted to be anonymous), and I was set on posting only my stuff and not reblogging. Less than 10 entries later, I already forgot my account name. I also tried opening an account at blogspot.com, but I can’t even recall whether I placed an entry or not. So there. An eternal fail in the blogging world. Hopefully just right up to this point, because I do want to discipline myself into submitting an entry on a daily basis.

What I’m doing is also a cliche, starting something at the beginning of the year. However, I am attempting to write for the nth time because I noticed that I’m getting a little rusty (also, spending the bulk of my unproductive day watching korean dramas and variety shows is turning me into a worse couch potato – no shame though). I blame korean variety shows for the distraction I had yesterday, hence I was unable to post anything on the first day of the year.

Initially I wanted this blog to serve as my diary, but since there are lots of days that I do nothing but eat and hang out in my room, I’ll just stick to a topic per day and I’ll try not to talk about the same topic twice (at least in this year). Of course, the repetition of topic is up to debate – if it’s happening to me right now, I’ll probably talk about it incessantly. I’ll just talk about my day (or myself, in general) whenever I feel like it, or when I feel as if something note worthy has happened/ is happening/ will happen. But I think what will really happen is that I’ll stick anecdotes in any topic I feel is relevant to the story.

Another guideline I’d like to give myself: every day I miss posting an entry in this blog, I have to make up for the next time that I do. Meaning my entries should be accumulating; since I was unable to post something yesterday, I am composing two entries for today. I know I’m setting myself up for failure (or exhaustion over maintaining this blog), but I am serious in training myself to stick to a goal of completing at least 365 posts this year.

So this ends my first entry. Pardon the bad writing, am not really good at articulating myself. Plus, I am a self-confessed bad storyteller. I have the tendency to jump from one train of thought to another without finishing the first one, and it may make sense to me at the time but after I read over what I’ve written even I’m confused. Also, there will be a lot of run-on sentences because I like long sentences and this is how I say things inside my head. And stuff.


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